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well Art trade is open if anybody interested. :la:

mostly i gonna ask you to draw my Character

Oona or Capt.Synan
Princess Oona X Captain Synan by Charming-Manatee

-52Hertz- by Charming-Manatee

Eloise (Ellie)
She heard the Hertz Whale Song by Charming-Manatee

im not trying to be picky but art level come first 
student: oh you draw, you must be like anime?
me : Da fuck
i have no idea what to do with them. so i'm going to selling them or trade them, feel free to comment below.
Anthro OC i have so far by Charming-Manatee

how many, you willing to pay in DA points? adopt start with 1000 points

or trade with your art (must be quality same average as me or higher) or unused OC (must be a human character or merfolk , no mary sue)
people who don't draw or not even good at one are more complain
than people that draw, amirite?
i got my first best student award for film and animation!
only god know how i feel!
my potrait work and others by Charming-Manatee
if you not a big fan of western art style for your character, you can scram away :3
i need to relax my mind a bit, so don't be shy to comment
i will mostly upload my sketch work here
feel free to follow…

my potrait work and others by Charming-Manatee

busy with my college work
it's not about her/his BIO like from ,Age,Personality, magical power ETC 
it's About the Character Achivement/goals/purpose/Mission!  
Whats His/Her goals in the Story? 
what they must through to get it?
Does They Get What They Want in the end?
and that make the best story ever!
i adored this combination with  Comedy,Drama and Fantasy, Love this movie
while other people go deadpool movie, i go with this movie
sorry for the not-very-active
i was busy with my college stuff
thats all :)
the year of 2015 i will never forget, the year i lost my father, i miss him alot, 
some you people don't know the feeling of lost someone you love the most

i wil try my best to be an film animation student
i don't really care if i never be famous or being a perfect person
i'm happy the way i am :)

i finally got continued/upgrade my studies from Graphic Design Student to Film and Animation Student
all my lecturer congrats me for continued my studied and pray may Allah be with me 
my mother was happy crying 
if my father was still alive he must be very happy


as my dream to be a animator and bringing my Stories come to life

after my father passed away 
it's make me feel sad when my sister told me whenever i go to college or works he always ask her to open my art gallery
so he can admire my art

it's feel saddener when i always expected him to be at home and greet him 
"assalam mualaikum Abah" / "Hi Dad"
but he will never be there...

i miss him a lot, i wish i can hug him for the last time.

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first of all Art trade are closed, i never thought so many notes i got.
most of them saying my art style is interesting and beautiful
i always thought my art style is shitty for people taste
it's make me happy that i know people do have interest in my art style. it's make me have confidence.
i do feeling giving up when a person say my art style look crazy stupid for mixing art style.
i wanna say thank you for my friends that supporting me.

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not first come first serve , i will choose who i want.
i'm not trying to be quality picky, but to make me happy and so do you.
beside i'm in sad mood right now, draw can make me happy a bit.

the result will look like this: fullbody/halfbody with simple BG OR Chibi no BG (PNG BG)
AT : Aya X Genos by Charming-Manatee AT : Aspen Selicape by Charming-Manatee

i probably gonna ask you to draw 

option       (yes ,you must good at draw bearded man)

1) Mr.Hertz with Ellie (father-daughter relationship moment)
2) Mr.Hertz only

The Great 52 Hertz Whale by Charming-ManateeThe Hertz Of The Sea by Charming-Manatee
(Hertz have that natural sad face LOL)
She heard the Hertz Whale Song by Charming-Manatee

why no Ellie only?
i already have lot my OC girl stand alone art but not many Oc man stand alone art.
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while i still sad, i trying to make myself laugh a bit.

 other artist into Undertale,Homestuck,Ghost and so goes on fanart. what i always call Indie Published OC.

i just sticking to my OCs, thank you : ) Shoujo Mermaids X Bara Pirates is my passion dude.

i learned how to make your OC famous instantly (maybe i should try that formula) without draw shitty cringy pron art. i never want my OC do that.

your OCs + indie videogame/music video/interactive fiction = PROFITS!! unlimited fandoms! RULE #$ EVERYWHERE!! theory this theory that.


OCs (art) --> Indie OCs (comic/book/music video/Indie game) --> Official OCs (TV series/Movie)
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Today Allah have decide to take my father soul
he just turn 51 this year
everything happen so fast

I really want my father to see i become a successful person
but somehow that will never happen. and that will never come true.

I still remember when i was a kid he willing to take me and my sisters to aquarium central, take to the swimming pool , carnivals , playground for hours
so many happy memories...

his quote that i always remember
"when you fail, i also fail"
"as long you happy with your decision, i'm happy"
"when i gone please take care of your sisters"
 as the oldest brother take your responsibility"

My mom tell when i was born he was the happiest person in the world

I just wish this just a bad dream
i wish this wasn't the reality
Allah love him more than me and my family
maybe this is for the best for him
he always sad and crying all alone by him self lately
i don't want him to be sad
i want him to be happy

As oldest and the only son in the family i must stay strong
sometime i feel i want to giveup on my dream
to be an animator and graphic designer
from now on my family is my responsibility 

 Father he was the nicest person, cheerful person i ever have
though he came from a dark past 
he do everything to make us happy.

I can still remember i kiss his forehead for the last time.
and wave at him on his bed.

Father, i will always remember you
and i love him as always
i forgive him
may Allah place you among with the good souls

  Al-fatihahI never knew that, this day will come, so early, too early, im not ready yet.
I love him so much, i still want him to live but maybe this is the best for him. Everyday I pray for him to get better but i cant do nothing. Maybe Allah love him more than me.
My father, he passed away this morning because of high blood presure and stroke. 
My father got fever for a week, then there's bad news about my grandma passed away, my father was sad and his fever got even worse. My mother send him to hospital and doctor said my father had a high blood presure so he cant go back until he is okay, but my father was so weak, almost 3 weeks my father stay at the hospital until today. Allah finally take him away from us.
I wish this was a dream but its reality, i cant face this challenge but i have no choice
important exam is very near, i really wish my father could at least look at my result. I really miss him and love him.
From now on, i will hiatus, i dont know when will i be back from hiatus, i n
...and so...My father passed away this morning. He's gone forever... I almost can't believe it but yeah. It's the truth.
He died so early...none of us expected. But it's no one's fault. No one to be blamed at. At least, and it's the only way to end his sadness from all these years since he became physically disabled and such.
Our moment was short but, I'll cherish every moments that we had.
My a very great person. That's why Allah loved him. I'll always remember him for being the best father in the world...
Al-Fatihah to my father. Thank you for everything, and may you rest in peace.
when you see my gallery you can guess whats my fav fairy tale of all time.
i even have my own oc... with pirates. LOL

i will update more when i found more.

Original version by H.C.A (close your eyes so you can imagine easily)

Western Adaptation

Russia Adaptation

Japan Adaptation 

i need to calm my mind but i feel calmly seeing manly male OC somehow.
i feel so inspiration when see manly men, so suggest your male OC, don't be scare. :3

but it only done in coloured sketch only
( Concept )The Legendary Moby Whale by Charming-Manatee Father and Daughter by Charming-Manatee New Horror Ocs  ~Sanguinem Fatales ~ by Charming-Manatee Bara Fairy OC by Charming-Manatee

not first come first serve i will choose which i like it,

HINT: the more manly they are the more i like it

plz don't push me i can be very stress if you keep push me